Locker or bedside table?

However, when we refer to a locker, we typically imply a not very tall piece of furniture with a top and shelves, a drawer, or a door. These two names are occasionally used interchangeably. A table, on the other hand, is a piece of furniture with a more straightforward design; it consists of legs, a top, and occasionally a shelf beneath the top. A bedside locker appears to be a more practical choice because you can fit more items inside, but are there any disadvantages to this piece of furniture in your bedroom? Let’s verify!


  • Small but spacious, the tabletop may hold a lamp or a beverage, and the cabinet can be used to store important items.
  • Books, a bottle of water, or your phone fit perfectly there.
  • If you forget to remove your jewelry or watch before bed, a bedside locker is particularly helpful because you may store things inside overnight and retrieve them in the morning.


  • It could be challenging to find a bedside locker that fits your other furniture if you don’t purchase it along with your bed and other furnishings.

Which bedside locker should I choose?

The selection of nightstand lockers is surprisingly extensive and diverse. There are furniture options in this category for every type of interior. What kinds of bedside cabinets are there? Following, we categorize the suggestions by aesthetics:

  • Modern bedside cabinets are unique and creative ideas that complement contemporary design. A hanging nightstand that is fastened to the wall or a classic, white nightstand with a square or rectangular shape are both intriguing ideas.
  • Glamour bedside cabinets: A cabinet with an original design and a sophisticated shape is necessary for the glamour aesthetic. This can be a high-gloss cabinet with curved legs or a mirror nightstand that is incredibly glossy, striking, and appropriate for this style.
  • Metal bedside cabinets that mimic an extremely aged object, are purposefully aged, or are genuinely discovered in attics or antique stores are ideal for this job.
  • Scandinavian and minimalist bedside cabinets – White is the essential component of both Scandinavian and minimalist design, therefore the white-painted or white-veneered bedside cabinet seems to be the perfect option for such environments. This kind of cabinet ought to have a reasonably straightforward design as well.
  • A wooden bedside cabinet, particularly in a natural color, is a perfect choice for a home in this style because idyllic and rustic aesthetics are generally connected with wood.

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